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Egg Donors In Nepal

Nepal Egg Donation ClinicNepal in recent times has earned a lot besides being known as an ideal holiday destination and the hub for some of the highest mountain peak. If we side look its natural beauty, there is much more to talk about the country. The recent buzz in this land of gods is establishment of surrogacy clinic. Surrogacy Clinic Nepal has offered a million dollar chance to a team of qualified surgeons to start this venture in the beautiful landscape of Nepal.
The most important aspect of surrogacy is of course the availability of surrogates, which is a resource easily available to Nepal. Having a clinic for such activities is also important, the purpose of which is now being fulfilled by Surrogacy Clinic Nepal. Another indispensible requirement for offering successful surrogacy programs is the requirement of egg donor. Nepal being a mountainous country has a population of women who work hard for their earning whether it is the job of extracting tea leafs from garden or doing step farming on hills. All such activities help these women to remain fit, which is the sole requirement of being an egg donor.
Egg donors coming to participate in donation program held by Surrogacy Clinic Nepal are categorized differently depending upon their looks, height, what their education qualification is, and one of the most important aspects the skin types. Fair skin people are the ones who are ranked high and get a handsome monetary benefit of their participation. Egg donors from countries can also practice their right of donating egg. These donors are called diva donors and compensate as much as 6 lakh per donation.
Talking about the countries that hold first position in egg donation programs, India tops the chart. An estimated count of 5000 egg donors is there who donate their eggs and sperms every year in India. The second place is taken by US that is way behind in this counting being 1000 to 1500 per year. Caucasian egg donors also contribute majorly in egg donation program in Nepal. A number of Indian cities are there that contribute much to help India score first in this chart. These cities are Delhi, Mumbai, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh as well as Gujarat. Arrival of egg donors in Nepal from these cities has made this country a hot bed of donors. Nepal permits people from all states, caste and creed to come and join hands in their egg donation programs to make this the top egg producing destination.
Egg donation is a simple procedure that involves some of the risks if donation has not taken place safely. The risk of ovarian cancer is there for a female practicing egg donation. However, experienced surgeon can help avoid such risks. Because of this reason, it is advised to egg donors to donate eggs under the supervision of experienced surgeons having much knowledge of handling such cases. Women wishing to donate their eggs are advised to have take rest and avoid sex during injection. Having spicy food and doing strenuous activities are also prohibited for female taking participation in egg donation programs.
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