Our Surrogate Mothers

Surrogate mothers are healthy and hygienic

Surrogate mothers are healthy and hygienic

Necessity is the mother of invention

“Necessity is the mother of invention” goes very true with commencement of surrogacy. Surrogacy is the practice of nurturing a fetus in the surrogate’s womb when the biological mother is not able to rear the child due to infertility reasons. Surrogacy has made its mark in a number of countries and this Nepal is all ready to offer surrogacy services in the beautiful landscape of Kathmandu. Surrogacy in Nepal has some very good news for gay and single parents as it offers facilities to both of the communities that is prohibited in some of the countries offering surrogacy.

Surrogate Mother Condition

Surrogate mothers are women from middle-class society having a respectable life of their own. Some of these women practice this procedure for monetary reasons and for some it is a service that offers them satisfaction. The former generally wins the race and thus practiced by a number of women. A surrogate when practice surrogacy is offered food and shelter through the clinic she has been hired by. Some of the renowned clinics such asSurrogacy Clinic Nepal offer accommodation and other requirement to the surrogate for entire surrogacy period. The surrogate can be shifted with her family if she wishes for the same.

Surrogates during their surrogacy are given excellent facilities. They are being given proper diet and are offered hygienic places to live. Taking care of health is one of the most important considerations for surrogates as her health is a responsible factor for the health of unborn baby. Thus to offer her proper diet nutritional experts are appointed by renowned hospitals to take care for the same. Living in a hygienic place is another requirement for a surrogate that is fulfilled by the clinic itself. Besides this, surrogates in their own home maintain all the pre-requisite or being a surrogate.

Surrogate Mother Right
  • As per the guidelines designed for the surrogates it is important for a couple hiring a surrogate mother to appoint a caretaker for her or take care of the surrogate themselves throughout the pregnancy period.
  • It is the duty of the intended parents to take care for all the medical expenses of the mother including her stay in the hospital and other charges if occurs during this period.
  • Intended parents cannot just avoid taking up these responsibilities. Some renowned hospital will help intended parents in choosing out surrogate mothers. In fact intended parents will require to pay the bills if contact is made to some surrogacy agency through the hospital
  • In case any mishap occurs to the health of the surrogate, she must be treated well and given proper care as per the suggestions of the surgeon.
  • Laws for surrogacy are in its nascent period and thus they are generally being ignored .
Why to choose Nepal for surrogate facilities?
We recommend choosing Nepal as a destination for getting surrogacy and similar facilities because of the reasons mentioned below:
  • Availability of excellent medical facilities in Nepal makes this country a proud producer of babies through surrogacy. The cost of similar procedure in India, US, UK or Canada is just the double of what is being taken in Nepal.
  • Accessibility of surrogate mother on a cheaper price has also contributed much to the booming business of surrogacy in this region.
  • Nepal healthcare services are up to the mark with the latest trends coming in the medical arena and thus patients coming for surrogacy facilities get the most advanced treatment.
  • Besides medical expenses, the cost of medicine in the metropolitans in Nepal is much lower than the cost prevails in western destinations.