Surrogacy for Un-Married Couples

Surrogacy in Nepal is available in two different types as it is available in any other globe called as traditional and gestational surrogacy.

Unmarried Couples Surrogacy

Surrogacy in Nepal for Married Couples

Surrogacy has turned into a billion dollar business over the globe. Nepal has just entered into this venture offering much relief to gay couples who were ignored by a number of countries. The term rather the practice has offered a ray of hope to those folks for whom the fantasy of child rearing has now been vanished because of barrenness issues. Infertile issues are consistently been recorded nowadays. As a solution for this problem surrogacy in Nepal is a one stop arrangement.

Surrogacy in Nepal is available in two different types as it is available in any other globe called as traditional and gestational surrogacy. A number of patients turn out towards gestational surrogacy. Gestational surrogacy is the system of transferring fertilized egg taken from intended parents. Such practices are getting hands up as it gives a chance to parent a child to the couple who are not able to naturally conceive a child.

Highlight of Surrogacy in Nepal

  • Surrogacy in Nepal is easily accessible for the folks who affirm for their candidature of being in a married life for more than two years and have a therapeutic motivation to consider this strategy.
  • Surrogacy in Nepal is easily available to single parent/ father due to which the practice is attracting the attention of folks who are single parents.
  • For couples married heterosexually, it is most paramount to have a medicinal motivation to experience to consider the practice.
  • As expenses of surrogacy in Nepal is most affordable if compared with different nations most particularly with western countries; hence a number of western couples turn towards Asian regions to practice surrogacy here wherein Nepal is budding up as an important destination.
  • As a result of this very reason a number of western couples consider Nepal the most affordable country for surrogacy prerequisites.

Emotional and mental preparation (intended parents)

  • If failed in pregnancy attempts, it is natural for a couple to experience stress and depression.
  • In case pregnancy attempt fails every time, it can either because of the infertility issues related with the intended mother or the father. In such situation going for fertility treatment is the only solution left with intended parents.
  • When one chooses to go for infertility treatments, procedures such as sperm extraction can create emotional problems for the couple if the procedure results in a failure.
  • They might lose their patient, which can further result in anxiety. Therefore, it is most important for the couple to get prepare mentally and emotionally for IVF procedures.
  • The results are not always positive and thus it is imperative for the couple to accept this truth as it is the most important part of preparation.
  • In case, all the attempts for pregnancy fails, surrogacy becomes the only option to be attempted by intended parents.

The Cost of IVF Treatment

  • There are a number of hospitals across the Nepal renowned to offer IVF treatment. Surrogacy Clinic Nepal is one successful name in this venture.
  • Talking about the cost of In Vitro fertilization, it is much affordable in Nepal than comparing the same with the western destinations.
  • The cost of this treatment can be separated in two different aspects, the cost of the laboratory and the expense of the medicines prescribed by the doctor.
  • However, there is no exact estimation of the cost of best IVF treatment as medication duration might vary depending upon the growth of the cells in the women’s womb.
  • Moreover, if we compare the rates of the same in Nepal with western countries such as US and UK, the expenses cuts down half of the payment that is charged in western nations.
  • For instance, the average cost of best IVF treatment in estimated US $ 1200- $ 30,000.
    In Nepal, the cost boils down to half of the cost mentioned for US.

    This is one of the most important reasons that encourages patients to come to Nepal and choose an ideal IVF procedure.