NepalSurrogacy Laws

Surrogacy laws in Nepal are made with a vision that it could easily be availed by married couples, singles as well as by gay.

A Brief on Surrogacy Laws in Nepal

Commencement of surrogacy in Nepal has offered new limelight to gay parents seeking surrogacy options. As a number of countries located on world map opposes the rights of gay over surrogacy’ hence, Nepal has came up with the solution by offering surrogacy facilities to gay couples and to those who are singles. The laws for surrogacy in Nepal are still it its blooming period and thus neither it is made completely legal nor tagged as an illegal activity.

Surrogacy laws in Nepal are made with a vision that it could easily be availed by married couples, singles as well as by gay. Gay community has been given extended opportunity to practice their rights in the regions of Nepal. The news has came with more than a relief to gay as they were facing a number of difficulties when practicing their surrogacy laws in Asian and European regions. A number of countries have also banned the surrogacy for them as per the rule designed by the governing authority.

Surrogacy Laws in Nepal at a Glance

  • The undefined laws for surrogacy in Nepal is the thing that makes surrogacy an easy job to for foreigners coming to Nepal for surrogacy purposes .
  • There are no major legal complications to get indulge into and thus both the parties i.e. intended parents as well as surrogates do not need to get into any legalities.
  • Legal framework for surrogacy in Nepal is not as strict as it is in other parts of the world like India and UK and US and because of this very reason a number of foreign clients consider surrogacy in Nepal.
  • Surrogacy in Nepal is easily available for singles as well as for married couple.
  • This is one of the most important reasons of popularity of surrogacy in Nepal.
  • Gay couples can also seek surrogacy options in the country without indulging in any of the major legalities.
  • Undefined surrogacy laws make it easy for medical organization to start surrogacy and offer services to intended parents. Although Surrogacy Clinic Nepal has set up its set of rules pertaining to which surrogacy services are offered to intended parents in Nepal.
  • In addition to all these benefits to intended parents going out for surrogacy in Nepal can choose an egg donation program or a egg donor as per their demand.

Following is a Brief on Egg Donor Nepal

  • Intended parents coming to Nepal for surrogacy have the opportunity to choose their egg donor as per their requirement.
  • Surrogacy Clinic Nepal has started the venture of keeping record of egg donors.
  • Their profiles are being shared with the intended couple or either with gay candidates.
  • These candidates can then choose one candidate as per their desire and financial benefits. The cost for surrogacy is briefly shortly here.

Cost of Surrogacy in Nepal

  • The cost of surrogacy is Nepal is much lesser than developed countries.
  • Studies suggest that the cost of surrogacy in Nepal is approximately $12,000 that can go up to $ 30,000 depending upon the egg donation technique. The price includes the expenses of medicines and the payment of surrogate mother.
  • If compared with the cost of western destinations this is 1/6 of the cost of western countries such as US.
  • If compared with western women, females in Nepal are more likely to carry pregnancy for getting financial support.
  • Western women are more likely to choose work over family and thus they opt for surrogacy.
  • People coming from any of the backgrounds can consider Nepal for surrogacy option.
  • It is known that many western nations do not allow single parents or gay couples to avail surrogacy to complete their family.
  • However, Nepal offers this opportunity to gay couples to complete their families.

Arrival in Nepal

  • Tourists can arrive in Nepal on a medical visa or on non-immigrant visa for staying temporary or with an immigrant visa for temporary stay.
  • For Indian citizens no visa is required as both the nations i.e. India as well as Nepal has an Indo-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship that allows free movement of goods as well as people within the two nations.
  • For citizens other than India visa is a must have for arrival.
  • For residents of western countries, tourist’s visa can do the job of offering arrival permission to the people coming to visit the state for any of the reasons.
  • Depending upon the staying time period, visas can be extended further. The facility is available with ministry of home affairs / government of Nepal.