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Surrogacy Clinic Nepal has it all that is required to be the most renowned medical institution.

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Surrogacy Clinic Nepal has it all that is required to be the most renowned medical institution. Nepal is honored with the presence of SCN at its premises. Surrogacy Clinic Nepal is one of its kinds of hospital that has treatment facilities available for different types of physical deformities. In its ground breaking effort of introducing surrogacy, Surrogacy Clinic Nepal has introduced its latest wing for offering surrogacy. The venture is supported by renowned doctors from India and has started gather huge responses from clients coming from different regions of the world. Grade has a special wing to offer IVF services, which mean eggs, are cultured in the premises of health center itself. People seeking surrogacy facilities are offered a change to utilize their own egg or to come up with the family members who have give their consent of offering their eggs for surrogacy purposes.

Surrogacy Guidelines by Surrogacy Clinic Nepal

Every clinic sticks to some rule when it comes to offer surrogacy or other similar facilities to any couples. However, some rules are always followed by each and every organization at the time of offering surrogacy facilities. A list of these rules comes as stated below:

General guidelines say that the women for a surrogate’s role needs not being more than 35 years of age.
The women must not be a smoker and must be a graduate, so that she can understand the process well prior to taking the decision of coming into the profession.
Organizations do a thorough investigation about the background of a woman prior to accepting her as a surrogate mother.
The woman also requires going under a medical examination to make sure she is physically fit for the intended job.

Stages of IVF at Surrogacy Clinic Nepal
Let us take a look on the IVF procedure. IVF process can ideally be divided into following stages.
  • 1st stage- the intended mother is prescribed special medication so that fertility can be improved. Improved fertility can easily offer a chance to collect more eggs. Some eggs might fail to fertilize and thus, it is important to have more eggs so that fertility can be done.
  • 2nd stage- the eggs produced inside woman’s body is then removed out by using a hollow needle that is passed through the cavity of the pelvis. This process can turn out to be much painful for the female taking part in the procedure. The pain might remain for a week or more. However, it is just a normal sign and females need not be worried about it.
  • 3rd stage- insemination is the next stage in this procedure, which basically means to fertilize the egg in the laboratory. This fertilization is monitored closely to make sure the process is going on well. /li>
  • 4th stage- after the egg is fertilized it is then placed into the womb of the intended or surrogate mother. Surrogate mothers can easily be hired by paying them the surrogacy cost. This cost in India is affordable when compared with the cost in foreign countries.
  • 5th stage- the women is then allowed to take rest and look out for the early signs of pregnancy. The pregnancy is confirmed by a blood test following with an ultrasound.
  • The success rates of IVF vary with a number of factors. It includes the age of the women along with her health issues. How many eggs do women produces at a single go is also an important factor to take notice of.

List of Suggestive Measures Incorporated by Surrogacy Clinic Nepal to be asked by hired agency
It is very important for a couple to do take out the complete history of the agency and prepare a list of questions to be asked before signing a contract. Here are some questions that you can ask with the agency.
  • Is the agency prompt enough in answering the calls and queries asked? It can easily be checked by visiting the official website of the agency or by making a call to that particular agency.
  • Are continuous efforts being made by the agency if anyhow intended parents are not being contacted? There are rare chances of such happening as parents will always react promptly to such calls, however any such incident may happen. Thus, it is always good to be sure on this point.
  • Does the firm employ an expert team of surgeons who operate as a team? This gives enough security in the sense of treatment as unavailability of a surgeon can be fulfilled if others are available.
  • Will you get a chance to meet to the surrogate in person or not? This will help you bound attachment to the surrogate, which is important for parents.
  • Does the agency evaluate the living environment of the surrogate or the screening is just done with the surrogate only? Does the agency make any effort to check the condition of the surrogate besides interviewing her on the phone?
  • Does the agency routinely do criminal background checkup of the surrogate? It is important to know so that intended parents have the relief that their child is being born to a lady who is not involved in any criminal cases or other such issues.
  • What kind of information is available about the surrogate regarding her family and if she is getting emotional support from her family or not? It is extremely important that a surrogate has her family support as it helps her going through the emotional changes that come when a lady is pregnant.